Most Popular Luxury Car (based on 2016)

More expensive and exclusive than mainstream models, luxury cars are about wants rather than needs, and about image rather than utility. If you’re planning an upgrade to a premium car, this buyer’s guide provides details about the 10 most popular* luxury cars in America, including pricing; quality, reliability, and appeal ratings; fuel economy; safety ratings; and cargo volume.

*Popularity based on calendar-year sales through July 2016

1) Mercedes-Benz C-Class (43,579 sales)

For many people, Mercedes-Benz ownership signals success and serves as a reward for a job well done. No wonder then that the C-Class, one of the most affordable Mercedes models, is the best-selling luxury car in America. A range of turbocharged 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, and 8-cylinder engines are available; the latter are reserved for the AMG performance-tuned versions of the car. All-wheel drive is an option, and a plug-in hybrid variant supplies 20 miles of pure-electric driving range.

Base Price—$39,875
Initial Quality—Not rated
Predicted Reliability—Not rated
Overall Vehicle Appeal—Not rated
Fuel Economy (city/highway mpg)—18/34
Fuel Economy Rating for Plug-in Hybrid—Not yet rated
NHTSA Crash Test Rating—5 Stars*
IIHS Crash Test Rating—Testing incomplete
Cargo Volume (E-Class)—12.6 cu. ft.
Cargo Volume (E-Class Plug-in Hybrid)—11.8 cu. ft.

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