The Hori Onyx is the first wireless third-party PS4 controller

Over the years, there has been a variety of third-party controllers for the PlayStation 4, but until now, all of them have been kept tethered to the console. The latest officially licensed controller — the Hori Onyx Wireless Controller — changes that, however: it’s the first third-party wireless gamepad with Sony’s stamp of approval.

Layout-wise, the Onyx seems to be taking design cues from Microsoft’s Xbox One controllers, rather than Sony’s DualShock 4, borrowing both the asymmetrical stick layout, D-pad, and overall shape of Microsoft’s controllers.

Image: Sony

Unfortunately, like the Xbox One controllers, there doesn’t seem to be a speaker (which the DualShock 4 has). There’s also no lightbar on the back, although if the Onyx works like other third-party PS4 controllers, you’ll still be able to get in-game information via the small LED bar on the front. If you’re a PS4 owner who longs to use an Xbox controller instead of a DualShock and can live with those inconveniences, then the Onyx might be for you.

Like almost all of Sony’s licensed PS4 controllers, the Hori Onyx is only available in Europe, however, with no US release plans yet announced. If history is anything to go by, you’ll probably be able to import one soon, but expect to pay a premium on top of the as-yet unannounced price.

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