Google rolls out ‘Hey Google’ hotword to more phones

Looks like your days of saying ‘Ok Google’ to trigger the Google Assistant on your smartphones are over. The search giant introduced a different hot word ‘Hey Google’ with its Google Home smart speaker in 2016. This was later spotted testing in smartphones in October. And now, the company has finally started rolling it out to more handsets.

While it is hard to decipher which smartphones in particular have received this feature. several Android users took it to Reddit, confirming that Google is rolling out ‘Hey Google’ hot word to trigger the Assistant.

“I just got a prompt to setup Assistant again with the ability to use Ok Googleand Hey Google. So far it seems to work great,” said one of the users. This was followed by several users’ comments confirming the same. Some of the smartphones that have been mentioned include OnePlus 5, 5T, Moto G5S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6, Xiaomi Mi A1, Mi 5 and more.

The company is said to be prompting the devices, asking users to re-setup the voice model. As a part of setup it asks users to say ‘Hey Google’ instead of ‘Ok Google’. However, this doesn’t mean you can only use ‘Hey Google’ to bring up the Assistant. You will be able to use both hot words for the same function.

 Google Assistant earlier this month got the ability to search for local utilities help from nearby areas. “No matter what questions you’re asking—whether about local traffic or a local business—your Google Assistant should be able to help. And starting today, it’s getting better at helping you, if you’re looking for nearby services like an electrician, plumber, house cleaner and more,” says the company in a blog post.
All users need to do is to say “Ok Google, find me a plumber”, to let the Assistant show apt results on the connected Android handset. Now, maybe they can say ‘Hey Google’ instead.

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