This is how Samsung’s foldable ‘Galaxy X’ smartphone may ‘look like’

Samsung has already confirmed that it will be launching a foldable smartphone as soon as next year. Tipped to be called Galaxy X, the unannounced smartphone recieved Bluetooth certification in September and now the company has reportedly filed a patent for the particular device.

According to LetsGoDigital website, Samsung has filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The patent shows the smartphone sporting two screens with a piece of metal fixed in between them, indicating the device to be a ‘foldable’ one. The design of the device seems similar to the ZTE Axon M.

Furthermore, it has been mentioned that the foldable smartphone or the ‘Galaxy X’ will come with triple antennas so the networks don’t interfere if the device gets folded. The report adds that users will be able to work on both the screens at once.

Although nothing more has been mentioned in the patents, it definitely is a clear indicator that the South Korean technology company is working on a foldable device and is making progress as well. We are not yet sure when exactly will such smartphone see the light of day. However, according to the company’s head of mobile business Koh Dong-jin, it may reach the markets in 2018.
As reported by CNN in September this year, Koh added that still has ‘hurdles to overcome’ before it starts mass producing the device. “We are digging thoroughly into several issues,” Koh said.
According to the Associated Press, the smartphone will come as a part of the Galaxy Note line up. This means that we’ll see the device in Q3 or Q4 next year, since that is when Samsung brings out the flagship ‘Note’ device.
For now, the company is focussing on its upcoming flagship, Galaxy S9. It has started mass producing large storage chips, processors and more for the device. It is also working with Qualcomm to bring the Snapdragon 845.

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