A tag to track your kids,pets and luggage. The all new Samsung Connect Tag

Samsung’s Connect Tag is a device which you can simply slip into a bag, attach it to the collar of your pet and and keep it hidden your child’s bag to track him/her.It is an useful tech device which helps you to track the object it is attached to.It works with GPS,Wifi based-positioning (WPS) and cell ID for accurate location tracking. The tag can be tied to the SmartThings ecosystem,working in conjunction with user’s smart home appliances.

Chief Advantages-

  • It is waterproof and dustproof so that it can be attached to your pet so as to even if it goes in the muddy area it does not get spoilt and you can track your pet.
  • It is very small (4.21 cm wide and 1.19 cm thick) so as to you can slip it inside your luggage and the thieves won’t easily find it.
  • It comes with a ring so you can easily attach it to anything.
  • You need not install any apps for the Connect Tag.It has handy methods such as sending notifications to your phone pinpointing the location of the object.
  • It also works with Samsung’s Smart Things’ Hub and (its geo-fence feature) can allow you to,say,automatically switch on the lights when you walk in the room.
  • It consumes very less power than cellular devices.
  • It’s battery lasts for upto 1 week.


  • It is only compatible with android devices.
  • It can work under only specific circumstances.

Surely,it is a worth buy


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