F1 2017


F1 2017 is video game produced and published by Codemasters.The game shows the true features of a racing game and can also beat Gran Turismo sport.I would surely love to recommend this fantastic game to you guys,especially to racing game lovers.


The game features an expanded team management mode,in which players get control over research and development of car parts.Engine components and gearboxes are subject to wear and will ultimately fail, with players receiving grid penalties for exceeding their quota of components.The MyCareer mode is just a breath taking one.It beats the my career mode of F1 2016 and you can just by new cars and upgrade them to the fullest.Image result for f1 2017 my career


The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA)—the governing body of international motorsport—will support F1 2017 as a platform for eSports, following similar moves by Formula E and the World Rally Championship. A variety of race formats are available to players after the sport’s commercial holders expressed an interest in using gaming to trial potential race formats.The game features historic Formula One cars—which were last included in F1 2013—drawn from 1988 to 2010. Image result for federation of international automobile

My recommendations-

I would surely recommend the game to racing lovers and F1 fans.They will surely love this game and would enjoy playing this game.To normal people,it would not be that exciting and would just take the game as a simple game and would not be that interesting for them.



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